+ Properly Pilot Program Announced

Properly is proud to announce our partnership with in a pilot program designed to standardize cleaning for short-term rentals.

As our CEO and Founder Alex Nigg recently detailed in his article, it is essential for short-term rentals to show travelers that they are a safe, reliable option for accommodation. Cleaning according to the whims and preferences of individual owners and managers is no longer acceptable – particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.

Guests need to be assured that they are staying in a property that has been cleaned and disinfected in accordance with best practices. 

Properly’s program does just that.

We started our partnership with to improve the quality of cleaning at rentals that had previously performed poorly.

Poor performers are required to use a checklist in the Properly app to perform their next turnover. The checklist details’s cleaning requirements for every rental – and the work is double-checked by Properly’s Remote Inspection team via photos.

“This creates a level playing field for the entire industry,” Alex says. “You can be an individual host or [part of a larger property management company] and apply the exact same standards.” sets their own standards for the rentals on their platform and enforces them with Properly’s software and services. If finds a host isn’t providing the standard of clean they’d like to see, it can quickly remedy the problem by requiring the host go through the Properly program. If the host can’t meet the standards laid out in Properly, Properly reports back to, and the listing is removed from’s site.

Properly also provides a system of record for each clean, which is an additional level of assurance for the guest.

Read the full article on and Properly’s pilot program at Phocuswire.

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