Find Jobs Scheduled for Any Vacation Rental with Calendar Filters

[:en]When you’re using a management tool to manage a large number of properties, you need a way to narrow down the search for the specific jobs you want to review. 

If you’re in an Excel doc, finding the cleaner, the job, or the booking you’re looking for can be a bit difficult. If you’re using Properly, however, you’ll find it’s now incredibly easy to find exactly what you want.

New Calendar Filters make it easy to manage your properties by city, date range, service provider, and much more.


You can even give your cleaning service access to use calendar filters for the properties they service most, which allows them to assign upcoming jobs to themselves.

They’re just one more way Properly’s making it easier for you to manage properties on a grander scale. 

Narrow Down Your Search

If you have over 100 properties in 3 different cities, you’re going to want to tackle the work of assigning jobs to upcoming bookings a bit at a time. With filters, we make it easy for you to narrow the search to:

  • Properties in Sydney, Australia
  • Properties with bookings in the next week
  • Properties that haven’t been assigned a cleaning yet
  • Properties that have quick turns
  • Properties at which problems were reported by your cleaning service

You can even stack filters to show all of the above. Want to check that you don’t have any unresolved problems at a Sydney property with a quick-turn this week? Add multiple filters and find any properties that match that search.

The list above is only the beginning. Add filters to search by property type and location, by service provider, by job status, by date, and even by the duration of a cleaning job – in case you’re wondering if any cleaning jobs last month took longer than usual.

Add Custom Tags and Searches

You probably have your own preferred approach to scheduling services for your properties. 

If you manage a lot of properties with swimming pools, you might prefer to set up jobs for cleaning the pools at those properties first, before you get down to assigning cleaning jobs for every property with an upcoming booking.

No problem. You can set a custom filter such as “Properties with swimming pools” and “Bookings in the next 2 weeks.” Save your filter and you can pull it up easily the next time you need to schedule pool cleanings.


You can also use custom tags to identify properties that need special attention. If Mike Smith recently had an issue at one of his properties and you want to double-check that everything’s in order for his upcoming bookings, you can tag Mike Smith’s properties with “Mike Smith.”

Use Filters to search for that tag, and you’ll only see Mike’s properties. Now it’s easy for you to double-check that everything is scheduled correctly for his upcoming bookings.

Let Your Trusted Service Providers Schedule Themselves

If you’ve been working with your cleaning service for a long time, why not let them take some of the work off of your plate by scheduling their own cleaning jobs?

In the Properly app, you can give your cleaning service access to the listings of the properties they regularly service. Your cleaning provider can assign jobs to themselves for each upcoming cleanings at those properties. That’s one less task for you to complete! 


Want to double check that all the cleanings you need have been assigned? Add a Calendar Filter for that date range and Job Status: Unassigned. If no properties appear in that filter, you’ll know your cleaner’s got it all taken care of. 

How will you use the new tool?

You can find more information on where to find Calendar Filters in your Properly app and how to use all of its features in our Help and Learning Center. Take a moment to check it out!

We’re sure you can come up with even more ways to make Calendar Filters an essential part of your management process, and we’d love to hear about them. Send us your feedback by clicking the orange button in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.[:]