Marketplace Satisfaction Guarantee

Accept Properly’s Marketplace Addendum and the Terms of Service

  1. I agree to the Terms of Service.
  2. I agree to the Marketplace Addendum.

Accepting a job is a contract. 

To provide the most professional service possible, I will:

  • Review the requirements of each job –and ensure I can fulfill them– before accepting it.
  • Check off all tasks and take all verification photos during a job
  • Complete the job for the price I agreed to upon accepting it, and never renegotiate pricing on a job unless the job requirements have changed

Provide Peace of Mind

In order to give my customers peace of mind, I will:

  • Arrive on time and complete the job within the specified time
  • Click “Start Job” (in the Properly app) immediately upon arrival to alert my customer that I’m at the property.
  • Never click “Start Job” (in the Properly app) before I arrive at the property.
  • Clicking “Finish Job” (in the Properly app) while I am still at the property.

Pros are Dependable

I earn my customers’ confidence by:

  • Never canceling a job I have accepted, unless in an exceptional circumstance (never more than three times per calendar quarter.)
  • Providing adequate notice to the customer at least 24 hours before the job’s scheduled start date and time in the rare event that I have to cancel.
  • Never neglecting to show up for a job I have accepted without giving adequate notice to the customer.

Quality Guarantee

I want customers to be satisfied with my work, therefore:

  • If a customer complains about the quality of my work, I will return to the property and address the quality issue – at no additional cost to the customer– within three hours of being notified via the Properly app
  • If I fail to address the quality issue within the three-hour timeframe, I hereby authorize Properly to
    • 1) Dispatch a replacement Service Provider to address the quality issue and
    • 2) Withhold the actual cost of that replacement from my service fee, up to but never exceeding the amount due to me for the original job. I also recognize that Properly will determine an adequate fee for this replacement service

Participation Requirements

I understand that to participate in the Properly Marketplace, I must:

  • Bring cleaning supplies to each job unless otherwise noted.
  • Sign up with Properly’s payment partner to receive automated payments.
  • Accept a booking fee. If a host complains of a violation of these terms, penalty fees might apply; these fees are disclosed in the “Schedule of Fees.” 
  • Agree that Hosts can stop an automated payment in case I violate these terms; in such case, I have to reach an agreement over fees due with the host.

Removal from Marketplace

I understand that Properly reserves the right to remove me from the Marketplace should I fail to comply with the above requirements. I also acknowledge that:

  • Asking a customer who found me via Properly to schedule work outside of Properly will result in my immediate removal from the Marketplace.
  • Canceling on a customer without giving notice within 24 hours of a job may result in my removal from the Marketplace.

Schedule of Fees

  • This Schedule of Fees applies to fees and jobs as defined in Properly’s Marketplace Addendum.
  • Booking Fee: The Properly booking fee, as of 1 September 2021 is 15%.