Personalize Each Guest Experience with Multiple Checklists in Properly

[:en]You already know that creating checklists for your cleaning service ensures a consistent clean to your exacting standards – every time.

Now you can customize that standard for the type of guest you’re expecting by adding multiple checklists to a single job.

Multiple checklists make it possible for you to create a unique experience for every guest type, ensuring they feel their needs were heard and expectations exceeded.

Personalization is only the beginning of what multiple checklists can do to improve your operations. Try using them to add monthly maintenance tasks to any clean job or create one-off additions to handle repairs, replacements, or touch-ups. With multiple checklists, the sky’s the limit on what each job can accomplish.


Create a VIP Experience

Every property will need a basic clean, but there may be additional touches you like to add for your VIP guests. You might leave out a welcome basket, a nice note, or some additional staging. Your VIP guests might also have access to features in the house that aren’t available to regular guests, such as electronics or office supplies.

With multiple checklists, creating a VIP experience is as simple as adding a VIP checklist to your original cleaning checklist. No need to create a checklist that includes cleaning and VIP services – just add the services you want.

Simplify Post-Pet Cleans

If some of your properties are pet-friendly, you need additional cleaning to ensure the property is pet dander- and hair-free for your next guests. You also want your cleaning service to perform a few more checks to be sure those “well-behaved” pets didn’t scratch up the furniture or leave surprises in the backyard.

Simply add a Pet Clean checklist to your regular cleaning checklist. Your cleaning service now knows to do a deep-clean on the carpet, to go over the couches with a lint roller for pet hair, and to check the furniture legs for telltale teeth and claw marks.

Thrill Guests With Children

If you frequently cater to guests with small children, you probably already have a Pack-N-Play or child-friendly dishware available on request. With multiple checklists, it’s easy to add a Kid Prep checklist to your cleaning services’ tasks.

You might even think about offering a few amenities that many property managers don’t! Try offering to put protective corners on coffee tables or adding protective outlet covers to outlets not in use. Without checklists, it can be hard to guarantee that your cleaning service will spot every necessary item to cover, but with the easy add-on of multiple checklists, you can offer a uniquely kid-friendly experience to your guests.

Make Monthly Maintenance a Breeze

There are some maintenance checks you don’t need to perform after every guest, particularly in high season when you might have as many as 8-10 different guests in a month. But it can be difficult to get those maintenance checks scheduled separately from a clean when you have such high turnover.

With multiple checklists, you can add your monthly maintenance tasks to ANY clean, ensuring that your appliances have been checked, your smoke detector isn’t going to start beeping in the middle of the night, and the batteries in the TV remote still work great – all without needing to create a new job.

Add On One-Time Tasks

If you have a guest with a special request, you don’t need to make a new checklist to incorporate that one task. If a guest accidentally drops a tray of wineglasses out on the patio, you can create a checklist that’s easily appended to your standard cleaning checklist that gives the cleaning service all the instructions they need to replace them.

Does the guest need the pool heated? Did they report a damaged item? Are you thinking it’s time for an upgrade on some of the furniture? All of these single tasks can be added to your regular checklist easily.

Even better, you can delete them as soon as they’ve outlived their purpose, keeping your checklist page whittled down to the essentials.

Empower Your Partners to Raise Your Standard

If you have cleaning services you especially love and have designated them as partners, they will be able to add an additional checklist to any job that contains your company-specific standards.

This means your partners can ensure that every time they clean your property, they’re using the products you prefer and staging to your exacting standards.

The best part? You didn’t have to lift a finger.

How will you use the new tool?

You can find more information on how to use multiple checklists in the Properly app in our Help and Learning Center. Take a moment to check it out!

We’re sure you can come up with even more ways to make multiple checklists an essential part of your management process, and we’d love to hear about them. Send us your feedback by clicking the orange button in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.