Last Updated: March 30, 2022



The terms set forth in this Exhibit A relate to the Remote Inspection feature available on the Platform.

  1. Overview and Definition. “Remote Inspection” is a feature of the Platform in which Properly reviews certain Job-related information entered by Service Providers on the Platform, evaluates such information according to objective criteria and standards established by the Host for such Job, and then provides feedback to such Service Provider, if appropriate, and reports the evaluation results to the Host.
  2. Jobs and Evaluation Criteria. Host will use the functionality provided by the Platform to enter information regarding Jobs for which Remote Inspection is desired including the objective criteria that Properly should use when reviewing the performance of Service Providers undertaking such Jobs (“Evaluation Criteria”).
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation. When Service Provider enters information about the completion of a Job such as reporting arrival and/or departure time, submitting verification images, or checking off tasks as completed, Properly will promptly evaluate such information in light of the Evaluation Criteria to determine if any follow-up action is required.
  4. Follow-Up Action. Properly will take follow-up action if certain Evaluation Criteria are not met. Such follow-up action may include contacting Service Provider with suggestions for corrective steps to satisfy the Evaluation Criteria, contacting Host with an alert, or other remedial actions.
  5. Reports. Properly will report to Host whether Evaluation Criteria are met. If the Evaluation Criteria were not met, such report will include a description of the follow-up actions that were taken, and will provide verification images that show whether the Evaluation Criteria were met after such follow-up action.
  6. Fees. Use of Remote Inspection requires payment of fees to Properly, in an amount equal to $5 per inspection. Before incurring any fees, you will have the opportunity to review the fees you will be charged. Fees may be communicated to you on the Platform, such as when you post or accept work, or by email or other reasonable methods.