Improving Operational Efficiency, Guest Reviews, and Quality Control by Building a Winning Partnership with Cleaners


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Session Description

Cleaning staff are an essential resource for every property management business. Any savvy property manager knows (hopefully not by learning the hard way) that successfully managing housekeeping and quality control can literally make or break your business. After all, your cleaning team prepares the space for guests, and their work sets the stage for a guest’s first impression as they enter your vacation rental. First impressions are critical!
To win at this aspect of your operations, it is essential to create a collaborative relationship with your cleaning team. This includes finding clear and error proof ways of communicating expectations, establishing easy and efficient ways to complete quality control checks, and giving cleaners the tools necessary for them to be successful. The payoffs? Operational efficiency, fewer guest complaints, better reviews, repeat guests and a friction-free relationship with your cleaning team. Who doesn’t want that?[:]