Two Industry Leaders Join Forces to Tackle Value-Based Accreditation And Verification 

The short-term rental industry is vast, fragmented, and growing; offering guests consistent standards can be challenging at the best of times. At the same time, guests (rightly) expect their chosen accommodations to meet local health and safety, hygiene, and legal requirements. When these industry realities impact a guest’s experience, it can spell disaster for both guest and owner.

At Properly, we’re committed to helping short-term rental owners maintain safe, clean, and compliant properties. That’s why we’re proud to announce our partnership with Quality in Tourism, a UK-based leader in Quality Management Accreditation across the hospitality sector.

Quality in Tourism is an industry leader in regulating quality and assessments, a fact to which their long-standing partnerships with trusted hospitality organisations can attest. In the face of a global pandemic, our shared commitment to hosting excellence and guest safety makes us natural partners



Keeping guests safe is essential; short-term rental owners and managers must address various health and safety issues, including fire prevention, carbon monoxide monitors, gas and electrical safety certificates, insurances, and property covenants. Once they’ve addressed issues of compliance, they also need to record and maintain that compliance. The Quality in Tourism+ Properly partnership is designed to help make the process more cost-effective and straightforward.

Our partnership reaches thousands of short-term rental owners through the Properly Quality Management app. Now, not only can app users verify, manage, and inspect their properties, but they can also prepare for Quality in Tourism’s thorough-yet-simple “Safe, Clean and Legal”™ accreditation process.



Head over here and click one of the signup links to create an account. If you are a Properly subscriber already, email us at

The program covers all the “Safe, Clean and Legal”™  parameters and is made more cost-effective by maintaining accreditation using the Properly app and remote team.

NOTE: As of now, this program is only available in the UK. 


The short-term rental industry is growing, and accreditation helps the best properties rise to the top and get more attention and bookings. Plus, as more regulations creep into the sector –and more guests compare rentals to hotels– accreditation can also grant peace of mind!