Cleaning & turnover

Clean a Gas Stovetop

Gas stovetops are popular, however, their uneven surfaces can trap grime and food debris which requires careful cleaning in between guests.

Time estimate for cleaning: 20-30 minutes

This Skill provides step-by-step instructions on how to clean a gas stovetop, including:

1. Preparation
2. Burner head and slots
3. Stove grates
4. Stovetop surface
5. Grease Removal
6. Glass control board

You will need a combination of the following:

1. Cleaning cloth
2. Toothbrush
3. Dishwasher
4. Warm water
5. Dish soap
6. Gentle scouring pad
7. Sponge
8. Large bowl
9. Baking soda
10. Hydrogen peroxide

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