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Clean Plastic or Metal Blinds

Window blinds provide the appropriate sunlight or shade in your home. However, cleaning the blinds is a task often neglected, but easily remedied.

Time estimate actual cleaning time: Small blinds -15, 20, 25 minutes per blind for small, medium and large blinds respectively
Time estimate for soaking: 1 hour to overnight, depending on how dirty the blinds are

This Skill will provide step-by-step instructions on how to clean blinds using a variety of methods including:

1. Dry cleaning using a microfiber cloth or blind duster
2. Wet cleaning blinds while hanging
3. Cleaning blinds in a bathtub
4. Cleaning blinds outdoors

For dry cleaning, you will need:
1. Microfiber cloth or blind duster
2. Vacuum with upholstery brush attachment

For heavily soiled blinds, you will need a combination of the following:
1. Bucket
2. Mild detergent
3. Water
4. Non-abrasive sponge or microfiber cloth
5. Towels, blanket or groundsheet

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