Cleaning & turnover

Clean a Glass Stovetop

Unclean stovetops make a bad impression on guests. Keeping your glass stovetop streak and stain free is easy.

Time estimate: 20-30 minutes

This Skill provides step-by-step instructions on how to make a stovetop stain-free using various materials:

1. Warm water and liquid dish soap
2. Glass spray cleaner
3. Scraper
4. Razor blade
5. Baking soda and vinegar

You will need a combination of the following:

1. Warm water
2. Dish soap
3. Large bowl
4. Abrasive and non abrasive sponge
5. Glass spray cleaner
6. Scraper
7. Razor Blade
8. Baking soda
9. Vinegar
10. Cleaning cloth
11. Microfiber cloth

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