Cleaning & turnover

Clean an Electric Stovetop

Coiled burners are designed to be self-cleaning. However, it could accumulate build up over time. Deep cleaning is required to maintain your stovetop.

Time estimate: 30-45 minutes

This Skill provides step-by-step instructions for how to deep clean your electric stovetop using a variety of methods including:

1. General cleaning
2. Warm water and liquid dish soap
3. Scouring powder and scouring pad
4. Baking soda paste
5. Scraper

You will need a combination of the following:

1. Lint-free dish towel
2. Warm water
3. Liquid dish soap
4. Scouring powder
5. Scouring pad
6. Baking soda
7. Small bowl
8. Scraper

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