Stock Pet Amenities

The accommodation of guests who travel with their pets can drive bookings and higher prices. However, the rental property must be prepared to ensure a pet-friendly environment for your guests' furry friends. Stocking pet amenities help fur parents pack accordingly during travels.

Time estimate: 20 minutes

This Skill provides step-by-step instructions for how to stock a property with pet amenities, including:

1. Preparing the guest guide (Pets)
2. Pet friendly amenities
3. Cleaning after a guest with pets

You will need:

1. Pet guide for guests
2. Extra leash
3. Pet food
4. A dog/cat bed
5. Treats
6. Chew toys
7. Cat scratchers
8. Food bowls
9. Poop bags
10 Cat litter box
11. Lint remover

Cleaning Materials

1. Dustpan
2. Broom
3. Potty pads (if no outdoor space)
4. Disposable bags
5. Floor mop

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