Deepcleaning & maintenance

Clean a Gas BBQ

Deep cleaning your gas grill is crucial for extending its lifespan and keeping it in its proper condition for guests.

Time estimate for cleaning: 15-30 minutes

Time estimate for stain removal: 10-15 minutes

This Skill provides step-by-step instructions for how to deep clean a gas BBQ grill, including:

1. Preparation
2. Cleaning the interior
3. Removing grime from burners
4. Cleaning the grill grates
5. Cleaning the exterior
6. Maintenance

You will need:

1. Work gloves
2. Grill brush
3. A bucket of warm water
4. Liquid dish soap
5. Wire brush
6. Sponge or scouring pad
7. Paperclip or toothpick
8. Aluminum foil
9. Oil with high smoke point
10. Damp cloth or paper towel

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