Deepcleaning & maintenance

Clean Sliding Glass Door Tracks

Dirt in sliding glass door tracks can make it hard to operate. Cleaning and lubricating them will make the door open and close properly.

Time estimate for cleaning tracks: 15 minutes

Time estimate for lubricating tracks: 15 minutes

This Skill will provide step-by-step instructions on how to clean and lubricate sliding glass door tracks including:

1. Regular cleaning (once a week)
2. Lubricating tracks (once a month)

For cleaning, you will need:

1. Spray bottle
2. White vinegar
3. Warm and cold water
4. Baking soda
5. Liquid dish soap
6. Cleaning cloth or rag
7. Wire brush or toothbrush
8. Vacuum
9. Gloves

For lubricating, you will need:

1. Spray oil lubricant
2. Cleaning cloth or rag

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