Increase Bookings with Better WiFi

This Best Practice is designed to help hosts offer state-of-the-art internet access for more bookings and happier guests.

This course is designed to help you run internet access for your guests like a pro, and gives you peace of mind that you are well equipped for any eventuality.

Its authors, Ralph and Karen, an American couple who fell in love with Paris and France over 20 years ago.and provide a friendly and professional on-the-ground service for travelers.

This is a 10 minute read.

Chapter 0: Overview
Chapter 1: Assessing Quality
Chapter 2: Internet is important
Chapter 3: Internet Service
Chapter 4: The Hardware
Chapter 5: Buying Hardware
Chapter 6: Assessing Features
Chapter 7: Installation
Chapter 8: Setup
Chapter 9: Guest Instructions
Chapter 10: Maintenance & Checklists
Chapter 11: Troubleshooting
Chapter 12: Additional Resources

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